1. File the Application for Citizenship Retention and Re-Acquisition Form attaching three (3) passport-sized colored pictures with white background showing the front viewright side view and left side view of the face of the applicant;
  2. Submit a copy each of the following documents as proof of Philippine citizenship, the original of which shall be presented and appropriately marked “original seen and verified”;
    • PSA (formerly NSO)- authenticated birth certificate;
    • Old Philippine Passport;
    • Such other documents that would show that the applicant is a former natural-born citizen of the Philippines;
    • In addition, applicant is required to submit a photocopy of their Certificate of Naturalization. In the absence of the same, the applicant may submit an affidavit explaining the circumstances by which the foreign citizenship is acquired.
  3. Sign the “Oath of Allegiance” form by taking an oath before the Consular Officer;
  4. Pay the corresponding fee of US$50.00 for the application and issuance of the corresponding Identification Certificate (IC);
  5. After evaluation of the documents, the Order of Approval will be issued by the Consular Officer which will transmit the same to the Bureau of Immigration in Manila;
  6. Applicant is issued an IC, subject to the existing Bureau of Immigration (BI) rules and regulations in the issuance of the same. Thereafter, applicant may likewise opt to apply for a Philippine passport as he/she may deem necessary;

In the case of petitions that do not comply with the above requirements and submissions, the applicant shall be notified to submit the required or additional documents within thirty (30) days from receipt of the notice of non-compliance of the requirements; otherwise, a petition shall not be favorably acted upon by this Embassy. If after evaluation the documents submitted fail to establish that the applicant was a former citizen of the Philippines, the applicant shall be notified of such fact in writing by this Embassy.


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